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Most of these sermons were preached at a retirement community church sponsored by Faith Legacy Church). If they were recorded, they can be heard as MP3 files. Preachers may freely borrow and adapt from the sermon outlines. If they bless you or your ministry, let me know in my GUESTBOOK. Please report broken links or errors by EMAIL.
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File Title Text Theme (Homiletic Idea) Date (mp3)
49-04-05 Shut the Door on Empty Living Eph 4:17-24 The focus of our faith determines the significance of our life. 5/4/2003-mp3
49-04-06 The Don'ts and the Do's of the New Life Eph 4:25-32 The Christian lifestyle is Heaven's culture transplanted on Earth. 5/18/2003-mp3
49-05-04 Unintimidated Imitation Eph 5:1-5 Freedom to imitate God requires freedom from imitating the world. 6/1/2003-mp3
49-05-05 Children of the Father of Lights Eph 5:8-14 Our Father in Heaven wants His children on earth to shine! 6/15/2003-mp3
49-05-06 Taking Your Chances Wisely Eph 5:15-20 Being careful, in God's perspective, is to be bold in His Spirit. 6/29/2003-mp3
49-05-07 Divine Matrimony Eph 5:21-33 God's ideal marriage portrays His plan for Christ and the Church. 7/13/2003-mp3
49-06-01 Duties, Debts and Deliverance Eph 6:1-9 Relationships need Christ's help; failure in them need His healing. 7/27/2003-mp3
49-06-02 Upstanding Conflicts Eph 6:10-13 Persistent resistance in spiritual conflict will yield spiritual victory. 8/10/2003-mp3
49-06-03 Armed and Dangerous! - Part 1 Eph 6:14-17 The armor of godly living spells death to spiritual defeat. 8/24/2003-mp3
49-06-04 Armed and Dangerous! - Part 2 Eph 6:14-17 The armor of godly living spells death to spiritual defeat. 9/7/2003-mp3
49-06-05 Holy Communication Eph 6:18-24 Christian faith and love must be expressed by holy communication. 9/21/2003-mp3
50-04-02 Learning to Be Content Phil 4:10-14 In pain or in pleasure, we find our peace in the energy of Christ. 9/28/2003-mp3
43-19-06 The Spear in of Christ's Side John 19:31-37 From Christ's pierced side flows the fulfillment of human destiny. 10/5/2003-mp3
43-03-01 Preacher Idolatry John 3:22-30 Focus on the Lord and not on the one who points you to Him. 10/19/2003-mp3
51-01-04 The Jesus on the Inside Col 1:24-29 Real Christianity is living out the Jesus Christ living within. 11/2/2003-mp3
39-04-01 A Day Is Coming Mal 4:1-6 Christ's Coming is bad news for some and good news for others. 11/30/2003-mp3
23-08-01 A Light in the Darkness Isa 8:19-9:2 God's light shines brightest when the darkness is deepest. 12/7/2003-mp3
18-03-02 Two Views of Freedom in Death Job 3:20-22 God's will is best, whether it's to leave this life or stay to live it. 12/17/2003
40-02-04 Bad Things Around Christmas Mat 2:13-23 Christmas brings to a sorrowing world the presence of divine hope. 12/28/2003-mp3
42-02-08 How to Go to Church Luke 2:25-27a People see Jesus when they make it a habit to watch for Him. 1/11/2004-mp3
61-03-01 New Year Outlook 2 Pet 3:9-14 To anticipate this world's future helps us participate in God's will. 1/25/2004-mp3
19-19-02 Special Revelation Psa 19:7-11 To be able know the mind of God, God must speak His mind. 1/28/2004
19-19-03 Personal Revelation Psa 19:12-14 The purpose of God's revelation is to capture our hearts. 2/4/2004
45-14-02 Whether We Live or Die Rom 14:7-8 Our life and death are important to others, but especially to God. 2/6/2004
49-05-08 Don't Waste What's Left Eph 5:15-17 No hour is wasted that is spent in doing the will of God. 2/8/2004-mp3
19-57-01 What on Earth Am I Here For? Psa 57:2 We find lasting significance only in the eternal purposes of God. 2/22/2004-mp3
09-17-01 The Challenge of Lent 1 Sam 17:16 God often uses 40 days to work spiritual depth into our lives. 2/25/2004
49-02-05 Shaped for Serving God Eph 2:10 God is shaping us to serve Him by serving others. 3/20/2004-mp3
55-03-02 What Have We Learned? 2 Tim 3:14a The purpose for learning our purposes is to fulfil them. 4/4/2004
42-24-05 Stones That God Rolls Away Luke 24:2 God transforms hard things into lasting reminders of His grace. 4/11/2004-mp3
19-66-01 Let's Talk About Prayer Psa 66:16-20 Testimony about prayer encourages all who listen. 5/2/2004-mp3
01-03-02 Old Paths to Off Track Gen 3:1-7 The devil has never needed any new tricks to trip up humans. 5/16/2004-mp3
01-03-02 Divine Dress for Nakedness Gen 3:6-13, 21-24 We are shamefully bare until we wear the righteousness of Christ. 5/23/2004
21-03-01 Man's Search for Meaning Eccl 3:11-14 (GW) Our human search for meaning points to a divine answer. 6/4/2004
42-03-01 Baptism in the Holy Spirit Luke 3:16 General overview of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. 6/2/2004
18-38-02 God Has Some Questions Job 38:3 What God asks us about is what we need to learn. 6/13/2004-mp3
59-04-03 In the Mist of Life Jam 4:13-17 With God in charge of our lives, we can handle the surprises. 6/18/2004
01-03-04 Where Are You? Gen 3:9 We only turn back when we see we've taken the wrong direction. 6/27/2004
01-04-01 Where Is Your Brother? Gen 4:9 Human interconnectedness makes us responsible for each other. 7/4/2004-mp3
41-10-02 What Do You Want Me to Do for You? Mark 10:36, 51a What we need God to do for us is to help us become like Him. 8/1/2004-mp3
41-03-01 Who Is My Mother and Who Are My Broth Mark 3:20-35 Only obedience to God's will can form family ties that are divine. 8/8/2004-mp3
41-04-02 Why Are You So Afraid? Mark 4:35-41 The testing of your faith is in its confrontation with your fears. 8/22/2004-mp3
19-10-01 The Deadly Sins: Pride Psa 10:4 When pride controls the heart, the Lord does not. 9/4/2004-mp3
59-01-02 The Deadly Sins: Lust Jam 1:14-15 Lust tries to fill the heart that God made for Himself alone to fill. 9/19/2004-mp3
43-06-02 The Deadly Sin: Appetite John 6:35 Wrongly fulfilling our appetites keeps our spiritual life unfulfilled. 10/3/2004-mp3
43-09-01 The Deadly Sins: Sloth John 9:1-7 If we don't get going, we go nowhere in the spiritual life. 10/17/2004-mp3
43-09-02 When It's Closing Time John 9:4 Life is limited, so we must choose the business of life carefully. 10/30/2004
46-09-01 How Freedom Wins the Lost 1 Cor 9:19-23 God's love comes alongside sinners to bring them to the truth. 11/14/2004-mp3
66-01-01 The Ultimate End of Skepticism Rev 1:4-7 Christ's return will smash the idolatry of skepticism. 11/28/2004-mp3
58-10-02 God Prepared a Body Heb 10:5-10 Christ's incarnation shows all humanity what our bodies are for. 12/12/2004-mp3
50-02-03 The Open Arms of God Phil 2:3-8 God became approachable by becoming vulnerable. 12/26/2004-mp3
44-10-01 Declaring Christ's Passion Acts 10:24-38 All people matter to God. 2/6/2005-mp3
49-02-06 Declaring Christ's Priority Eph 2:14-18 A faithful community of Christians is the hope of humanity. 3/6/2005-mp3
43-01-05 Declaring Christ's Presence John 1:1-17 Christ comes us dressed in the human culture we understand. 3/13/2005-mp3
43-20-03 Christ's Ultimate Identification John 20:1-18 Death strips us naked, but only to prepare us for resurrection glory. 3/27/2005-mp3
20-08-01 The Cardinal Virtues: Wisdom Prov 8:1-5 Our human capacity for wisdom was given to lead us back to God. 4/3/2005-mp3
46-09-02 The Cardinal Virtues: Temperance 1 Cor 9:24-27 Success in the Christian life requires both zeal and restraint. 4/17/2005-mp3
58-11-01 The Cardinal Virtues: Faith Heb 11:1-6 The Inventor of faith bases our relationship with Him on faith. 5/1/2005-mp3
46-13-03 The 7 Cardinal Virtues: Love 1 Cor 13:8-13 The greatness of love describes the greatness of the biblical God. 5/15/2005-mp3
46-06-01 Our Bodies Are Temples 1 Cor 6:9-20 God is holy and chooses to dwell in the midst of holiness. 5/29/2005-mp3
39-04-02 The Sun of Righteousness Mal 4:2 Willingly or not, everyone everywhere is touched by God's Son. 6/19/2005-mp3
47-03-02 The Spirit of Liberty 2 Cor 3:17-18 Freedom is the Holy Spirit's guideline for spiritual transformation. 7/10/2005-mp3
49-02-07 Optimistic Grace Eph 2:8-10 God's grace fully meets the human need for salvation. 7/24/2005-mp3
42-19-02 The Conversion of Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-10 God knows where we're at and where we need to get to in our lives. 8/14/2005-mp3
58-01-01 The Center of Our Universe Heb 1:1-4 Christ surpasses anything we could ever think worthy of our faith! 9/4/2005-mp3
47-05-02 What Will I Wear in Heaven? 2 Cor 5:4 God has bodies for us in Heaven that are literally out of this world! 9/16/2005
58-01-02 Christ the Angel-Maker Heb 1:5-14 Angels are honorable, but God directs supreme honor only to His Son. 9/18/2005-mp3
58-02-02 Neglecting Salvation Heb 2:1-4 God expects us to pay close attention to His message of salvation. 10/2/2005-mp3
58-02-03 Seeing the World to Come Heb 2:5-9 We face a hopeful future only by looking into the face of Jesus now. 10/15/2005-mp3
58-02-04 The Human Life Saver Heb 2:10-18 The cosmic struggle of the universe dealt with by a human Savior. 10/30/2005
58-03-01 The New Landlord Heb 3:1-6 We must make God's faithful Son the focus of our faith. 11/13/2005
42-17-01 Where Are the Nine? Luke 17:11-19 Gratitude and ingratitude are heart conditions. 11/20/2005-mp3
58-10-03 Enduring a Little Longer Heb 10:32-39 When the going gets rough, Christian faith must get tougher! 12/11/2005
13-16-02 The Secret of Making Christ Known 1 Chr 16:8-11 The worship of Christians can manifest Christ to the world. 1/8/2006-mp3
49-04-07 Old-Fashioned Concepts Eph 4:4 Grief can become a messenger of encouragement. 1/20/2006
09-07-01 Landmarks in Time 1 Sam 7:12 We need to remind ourselves to praise God for past blessings. 1/22/2006-mp3
58-03-02 The Crucial NOW of Believing Heb 3:7-19 Successful faith responds immediately to God, day after day. 2/5/2006-mp3
45-14-03 Fruit of the Spirit: JOY Rom 14:17-18 Embracing spiritual joy is a way of serving Christ as King. 2/19/2006-mp3
51-01-05 Fruit of the Spirit: PATIENCE Col 1:9-12 We need spiritual power to hold on to our faith in tough times. 3/5/2006-mp3
49-05-09 Fruit of the Spirit: GOODNESS Eph 5:6-11 The more Christians grow in goodness the more they shine in the dark. 3/19/2006-mp3
51-03-02 Fruit of the Spirit: GENTLENESS Col 3:12-13 God wants to dress us up in behaviors that reflect the way He lives. 4/2/2006-mp3
42-24-06 Resurrection of Broken Dreams Luke 24:36-45 Easter tells us that God's plan for us in Christ is not just a dream. 4/16/2006-mp3
58-04-02 The Rest of God's Promise Heb 4:1-11 Our hearts are restless until we rest in God and in His promises. 4/30/2006-mp3
58-04-03 The All-Revealing Word Heb 4:12-13 When we look into God's Word, God's Word looks into us. 5/14/2006-mp3
58-04-04 Forever the Priest We Need Heb 4:14-5:10 We needed a perfect Priest, and God's Son filled the need perfectly. 5/28/2006-mp3
40-03-02 The Baptism Jesus Brought Mat 3:11-16 The Holy Spirit transforms Kingdom thinking into Kingdom living. 6/4/2006-mp3
58-05-02 Moving along into Maturity Heb 5:11-6:3 The Christian starts with faith, but must go on to discernment and deed. 6/11/2006-mp3
58-06-01 Things That Accompany Salvation Heb 6:4-12 God wants salvation to produce in us a lived-out love. 6/25/2006-mp3
58-06-02 An Anchor for the Soul Heb 6:13-20 The hope of our eternal destiny is anchored in the character of God. 7/9/2006-mp3
58-07-01 A Better Covenant Heb 7:1-22 All that the world calls great is surpassed by what is offered in Christ. 7/23/2006-mp3
58-07-02 A Savior for All Seasons Heb 7:23-28 Nothing can hinder the effectiveness of salvation in Christ. 8/6/2006-mp3
58-08-01 Trading a Copy for the Original Heb 8 The REAL THING has arrived and Jesus brought it! 8/19/2006-mp3
40-06-05 Thy Kingdom Come Mat 6:10 The most direct application of the Kingdom of God is personal. 9/3/2006-mp3
58-09-04 Christ, the Purifier of the Conscience Heb 9:1-14 God makes the guilty conscience into a pure one through Christ. 9/17/2006-mp3
58-09-05 Anticipating Jesus Heb 9:15-28 The entire universe is waiting for God's promise of restoration. 10/1/2006-mp3
58-10-04 Christ, the Remover of Sins Heb 10:1-18 God loves finds its fulfillment in liberating us entirely from sin. 10/15/2006-mp3
58-10-05 The Confidence of Our Perseverance Heb 10:19-39 God wants us to stay confident of succeeding in His salvation plan. 10/29/2006-mp3
58-11-02 The Faith That Counts with God Heb 11:1-7 Faith that brings us to God is faith that clings to His Word. 11/12/2006-mp3
58-11-03 Abraham, Father of the Faithful Heb 11:8-19 Believers are commended as faithful, only after walking faithfully. 11/26/2006-mp3
50-03-03 Living Strong to the Finish Phil 3:17-4:1 We stand firm in living like Christ by eagerly awaiting His return. 12/10/2006-mp3
50-02-04 The Human Meaning of Christmas Phil 2:5-11 Advent marks the beginning of a new human destiny. 12/24/2006-mp3
45-08-05 Divine Hope for Human Destiny Rom 8:22-25 The Gospel hope is a promise of restoration. 1/1/2007
41-08-02 Let Jesus Open Your Eyes Mark 8:22-25 The deeper our blindness the more we need Christ's healing touch. 1/7/2007-mp3
40-05-04 God's Unconditional Love Mat 5:43-48 When we love the way God loves, we bring Heaven down to Earth. 1/21/2007
42-06-01 The End of Our Inner Pharisee Luke 6:36-38 Seeing ourselves before the Cross helps nurture a merciful spirit. 2/4/2007
40-05-05 Blessed Are the Poor Mat 5:3 Recognizing our poverty prepares us to possess God's Kingdom. 2/18/2007-mp3
40-05-06 Blessed Are the Meek Mat 5:5 If we rest in God, God will take care of the rest. 3/4/2007-mp3
40-05-07 Blessed Are the Merciful Mat 5:7 When we show mercy to others, we are tapping into the heart of God. 3/18/2007-mp3
40-05-08 Blessed Are the Pure in Heart Mat 5:8 God chooses to reveal Himself to those whose hearts reflect His. 3/25/2007
59-05-01 Try Using Prayer Jam 5:13-18 Prayer places trouble into the path of God's intervention. 4/29/2007-mp3
23-66-01 The Mothering Heart of God Isa 66:7-13 Motherhood comes directly from the caring heart of God. 5/13/2007-mp3
47-01-01 Channels of God's Comfort 2 Cor 1:3-7 Divine comfort is the plan for the plight of human suffering. 5/20/2007-mp3
46-02-02 For Our Eyes Only 1 Cor 2:9-12 The more we embrace God's truth, the more the Holy Spirit will reveal. 5/27/2007-mp3
41-10-01 When the Blind Man Cries Mark 10:46-52 God heals our spiritual blindness when He knows we really want to see. 6/10/2007-mp3
33-06-01 What Does God Expect of Us? Mic 6:8 God's will for us is simply to be the humans He created us to be. 6/24/2007-mp3
58-11-04 Faith Sees Beyond Death Heb 11:20-22 Christian faith treats the future not as a possibility, but as a reality. 7/22/2007-mp3
58-11-05 Trusting in the Invisible Heb 11:23-29 Faith makes a visible response to the invisible realities of God. 8/5/2007-mp3
58-11-06 Faith for the Future Heb 11:30-40 God wants us to adopt His ultimate in the face of the temporary. 8/19/2007-mp3
24-10-01 The True God Jer 10:5,12 All gods that humans make fall short of the God who made humans. 9/2/2007-mp3
58-12-02 The Race Before Us Heb 12:1-3 To finish life with victorious faith, we must stay on track with Jesus. 9/16/2007-mp3
58-12-03 Understanding God's Discipline Heb 12:4-13 Christian faith sees the Father's hand in all of life's circumstances. 9/30/2007-mp3
58-12-04 Three Concerns of a Caring Lifestyle Heb 12:14-17 Christian faith must be manifested in proper human relationships. 10/7/2007-mp3
58-12-05 Living in the Presence of the Future Heb 12:18-24 Christians have come to a future destiny that is yet to come. 10/14/2007-mp3
58-13-03 The Path of True Worship Heb 13:9-16 Right faith leads to right worship. 11/11/2007
58-13-04 Being Equipped to Live out Our Faith Heb 13:17-25 God uses pastoral leaders to keep us moving forward in Christ. 11/25/2007-mp3
66-01-02 He Is Coming Rev 1:7 Christ's return will be either a pleasant surprise or a dreadful shock. 12/16/2007-mp3
42-02-09 Glory to the Newborn King Luke 2:14 The display of God's glory is seen in Christ's redemption story. 12/23/2007-mp3
48-02-02 Christ's Epiphany in You Gal 2:20 God wants the glory in Christ to shine out from us. 1/6/2008
19-143-01 The Son Behind the Clouds Psa 143:7-8 Life may be stormy, but God's Son is still there behind the clouds. 1/20/2008-mp3
47-12-01 Our Trust in the Holy Spirit's Work 1 Cor 12:7-13 The Holy Spirit's work is the growth and health of the Church. 3/2/2008-mp3
43-17-03 A New Beginning John 17:4 Jesus finished the past and began the future. 3/30/2008-mp3
44-02-05 The Heavenly Dove on Earth Acts 2:14-18 The Holy Spirit makes Christ's Incarnation an ongoing reality. 5/11/2008-mp3
51-01-01b The Life of the Gospel Col 1:1-8 The Gospel is a new way of thinking for a new way of living. 6/22/2008-mp3
51-01-06 A Pattern for Prayer Col 1:9-14 Powerful prayer for others flows from the realities of our salvation. 7/20/2008-mp3
51-01-07 The Supremacy of Christ Col 1:15-23 When we know why 'Jesus is Lord,' we cannot help but proclaim it. 8/3/2008-mp3
51-01-08 Perfecting People in Christ Col 1:24-2:5 God's future goal for redeemed humanity must begin in us now. 8/17/2008-mp3
51-02-01 Human Emancipation in Christ Col 2:6-15 In Christ we are in direct relationship to the fullness of God. 9/14/2008-mp3
51-02-02 Devotional Freedom in Christ Col 2:16-23 Christ Himself, and not manmade rules, regulates our life in Him. 9/27/2008-mp3
51-03-03 Baptism's Call to New Thinking Col 3:1-4 Heavenly thinking makes Kingdom living a present reality. 10/12/2008-mp3
51-03-04 Baptism's Call to Death Col 3:5-11 Faith in Christ brings new life, but only through death and resurrection. 10/26/2008-mp3
51-03-05 Baptism's Call to New Life Col 3:15-17 New life in Christ is distinguished by a heart of gratitude. 11/22/2008-mp3
23-09-04 Jesus is the Mighty God Isa 9:6 Jesus is the mighty Conqueror against the ongoing enemies we face. 12/7/2008-mp3
23-09-05 Jesus Is the Prince of Peace Isa 9:6 The peace the Christ Child brought touches every aspect of life. 12/21/2008-mp3
51-03-06 Our Relationships Under His Lordship Col 3:18-25 Christ's authority presides over all relationships in a Christian's life. 2/1/2009-mp3
51-04-01 Communicating with God and Man Col 4:2-6 How much we care shows up both in prayer and in how we share. 2/15/2009-mp3
40-23-01 The First Two Woes Mat 23:13-15 God gets especially upset when religiosity blocks evangelism. 3/1/2009-mp3
40-23-02 The Fourth Woe Matt 23:23-24 Superficial worship advertizes a false conception of God. 3/15/2009-mp3
45-08-06 The Gospel Hope of All Creation Rom 8:22-25 Human resurrection in Christ is the hope of the whole created universe. 4/12/2009-mp3
40-05-01 The Happiness of True Christians, Part 1 Mat 5:1-5 True Christian living is being taught and caught by Christ Himself. 4/26/2009-mp3
40-05-02 The Happiness of True Christians, Part 2 Mat 5:6-8 True Christian living is the blessing of Christ living in us. 5/24/2009-mp3
60-01-05 The Holy Trinity 1 Pet 1:2 The Triune God Who made us re-makes us for fellowship with the Trinit 6/7/2009-mp3
40-05-03 The Happiness of True Christians, Part 3 Mat 5:9-12 The price of peace is to carry the cross. 6/21/2009-mp3
40-05-09 People of Salt Mat 5:13 The change brought by the indwelling Christ can change the world. 7/5/2009-mp3
51-01-09 God's Purpose for Creating Humanity Col 1:15-23 We were designed to serve as ruling mediators of the entire universe. 7/14/2009-mp3
40-05-10 People of Light Mat 5:14-16 God is light, and seeing His light in us leads others to Him. 8/2/2009-mp3
40-05-11 The Behavior God Requires Mat 5:17-20 To be on target with God, we must love Him and His will with our life. 8/16/2009-mp3
40-05-12 God's Target Is the Heart Mat 5:21-32 God is not after our outward compliance but our inward holiness. 8/30/2009-mp3
40-05-13 God Is In Control Mat 5:33-48 Everything in life must be placed under the rule of the God of love. 9/27/2009-mp3
40-06-07 The Hiddenness of True Devotion Mat 6:1-8, 16-18 To change an alienated world, God's Kingdom must begin in the heart. 10/10/2009-mp3
40-06-08 The Kingdom Prayer Mat 6:9-15 Only the King can guide us into proper praying. 10/25/2009-mp3
40-06-09 A Divine Grip on Our Earthly Trip Mat 6:19-24 Making Jesus King of our hearts gives all of life a Kingdom character. 11/8/2009-mp3
40-06-01 Let Go and Let God Mat 6:25-34 Unless we let go of our thing, we cannot let God do His thing. 11/22/2009-mp3
42-01-05 Glory to the Newborn King! Luke 1:26-35 No human king is worthy to rule over creation except the Son of God. 12/20/2009-mp3
42-02-04 Appearance and Reality Luke 2:21-35 Jesus may appear only human but God declares Him fully divine. 1/3/2010-mp3
05-30-01 God's Will Is Life Deu 30:15-20 Life comes from love, and to have life, we must obey the God of love. 1/17/2010-mp3
40-07-01 Clear Vision in Kingdom Living Mat 7:1-6 Only with our eyes on the King can we discern where to draw the line. 1/31/2010-mp3
01-01-07 The 3rd Day of Creation Gen 1:9-13 As an Artist God is into beauty; but as the Creator, He's into life. 2/28/2010-mp3
01-01-08 The 5th Day of Creation Gen 1:20-23 All God's creatures declare the glory due His name. 3/14/2010-mp3
01-02-03 The 7th Day of Creation Gen 2:1-3 God's Sabbath rest is always a prelude to more activity. 3/28/2010-mp3
40-07-02 Confidence in Prayer Mat 7:7-11 Kingdom Living means trusting the King to answer our prayers. 4/11/2010-mp3
40-07-03 Attractive Distractions Mat 7:12-23 God's ways bring Kingdom living; man's ways distract us from it. 5/9/2010-mp3
44-02-01 The Outpouring at Pentecost Acts 2:1-13 What the Church is and how it grows is dependent on the Holy Spirit. 5/23/2010-mp3
40-07-04 Building to Outlast the Stormy Blast Mat 7:24-29 Kingdom living is the wisdom that withstands the storms of life. 6/10/2010
66-14-01 Witness of Our Work (Tale of Our Trails) Rev 14:13 'Watch your trail!' is a departing loved one's last message to us. 6/11/2010
18-17-01 Where Then Is Our Hope? Job 17:11-16; 19:25-27 The greatest hope in the face of death is resurrection. 6/25/2010
42-04-01 Declaring Dependence Day Luke 4:18-19 Freedoms of independence depend on someone paying the price. 7/4/2010-mp3
19-46-01 Be Still and Know Psa 46:10 Our silence is a sanctuary where God alone is exalted. 7/18/2010-mp3
46-11-01 Self-Examination Before Communion 1 Cor 11:26-32 To approach the Lord's Table properly, we must first probe our hearts. 7/25/2010-mp3
48-05-03 Keeping in Step with God Gal 5:25 The Christian life is walking with God with Christ in the lead. 8/29/2010-mp3
01-05-01 Walking With God Gen 5:21-24 If you want an out-of-this-world experience, walk with God. 9/12/2010-mp3
46-14-01 An Early Church Service 1 Cor 14:26 Jesus works through His people as they participate in ministry. 9/26/2010-mp3
42-18-01 "The Jesus Prayer" Luke 18:38 Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me! 9/26/2010-mp3
24-01-01 The Call of Jeremiah Jer 1:4-10 Who we are, and what we are to do and say, all depend on God. 10/24/2010-mp3
24-01-02 The Ministry of Jeremiah Jer 1:11-19 Our confidence comes by trusting God's Word and following His will. 11/7/2010-mp3
51-03-01 The Attitude of Gratitude Col. 3:15-17 Each aspect of the Christian life is an arena of thanksgiving. 11/21/2010-mp3
42-01-01 Three Wait-Watchers in Jerusalem Lk 1:5-17;2:25-38 God's incarnational work is seen by those who wait and watch. 12/19/2010-mp3
40-03-03 John's Announcement of Christ Mat 3:1-12 Jesus is the One the world is waiting for.. 1/30/2011-mp3
24-02-01 The Message of Jeremiah Jer 2:12-19 The benefits of following God disappear by forsaking Him. 2/26/2011
09-03-01 The Discipline of Listening 1 Sam 3:10-19 We can't speak for God until we hear from God. 3/13/2011-mp3
44-08-02 The Discipline of Attentiveness Acts 8:26-40 We must bring spiritual alertness to God-arranged opportunities. 3/27/2011-mp3
46-15-01 If Christ Was Not Raised 1Cor 15:12-19 Christ's resurrection is a case of “all or nothing” for all humanity. 4/24/2011-mp3
55-01-01 An Example of Sincere Faith 2 Tim 1:5 Our journey in Christian faith should attract others to join us. 5/8/2011-mp3
24-06-01 A Nation at the Crossroads Jer 6:16-19 Each day we stand at a crossroads between God's will and our own. 5/22/2011
44-01-01 Online with Heaven Acts 1:1-11 Christ went back to Heaven to connect believers with Kingdom power. 6/5/2011-mp3
41-01-06 Who Do You Think You Are? Mark 1:11 We do not know ourselves fully until the Father identifies us. 6/19/2011-mp3
48-05-01 The Heritage of Freedom Gal 5:1-6 In Christ we are set free from legalism for living a life of love. 7/3/2011-mp3
61-01-01 The Growing Soul 2 Pet 1:3-9 The Christian life is the growth of God's life in us. 7/17/2011-mp3
19-73-01 Almost Slipping Psa 73:1-28 Focussing on the world is fertile ground for discouragement. 8/14/2011-mp3
51-01-03 The People of the Kingdom Col 1:12-14 Christians are a different kind of people from a different Kingdom. 8/28/2011-mp3
35-01-01 The Whys of the Wise Person Hab 1:1-2:1 Faith is not destroyed but strengthened through why questions. 9/11/2011-mp3
35-02-01 The Woes of the Wicked Hab 2:1-20 By faith believers will live; by pride Babylon will fall. 9/25/2011-mp3
35-03-01 The Worship of the Waiting Hab 3 The high notes of praise have a God-centered gaze. 10/23/2011-mp3
66-03-01 Lessons from Three Meals Rev. 3:20 Holy Communion symbolizes the whole Christian life. 11/6/2011-mp3
23-07-01 Immanuel-the Prophecy Isa 7:2-17 In the midst of His displeasure with our sin, God is with us. 12/4/2011-mp3
42-02-06 Fear Not, Shepherds! Luke 2:8-20 Christ's birth is the fear-inspiring event that brings fear to an end. 12/18/2011-mp3
42-05-02 Something Old, Something New Luke 5:33-39 The Bridegroom has come: all things have become new. 01/01/2012-mp3
40-03-01 Why Is Our Baptism Important? Mat 3:13-17 Baptism personally identifies us with Christ. 01/15/2012-mp3
62-04-01 The Anatomy of True Love 1 John 4:7-11 God's love meets our needs and moves us beyond them. 02/12/2012-mp3
40-04-03 Fasting to Find Yourself Mat 4:1-4 We fulfill our true humanity by feeding our souls on God's will for us. 02/22/2012-mp3
41-10-03 SoulShift #2: Slave to Child Mark 10:13-16 True discipleship and servanthood are part of a family relationship. 02/26/2012-mp3
41-06-01 Soulshift#6: Sheep to Shepherd Mark 6:30-44 Jesus shepherds us in the direction of becoming shepherds, too. 03/25/2012-mp3
43-20-01 Why Are You Crying? John 20:10-17 The Resurrection gives us faith to see beyond earthly sorrows. 04/08/2012-mp3
45-08-01 Creation Waits Rom 8:18-25 Creation waits for the glory at the end of the Gospel story. 04/22/2012-mp3
45-06-01 Death Benefits Rom 6:20-23 God offers a life insurance policy through the death of His Son. 04/23/2012
23-55-01 The Feast of the Blessed Isa 55:1-2 Only the hungry and thirsty poor can dine at the Master's table. 05/06/2012-mp3
49-04-01 The Return Gifts Eph 4:7-16 Christ gifted His people to carry on His mission until He gets back. 05/20/2012-mp3
58-09-02 The Eternal Redeemer Heb 9:11-12 God's plan for sinners has eternally been one of redemption. 06/03/2012-mp3
07-17-01 An Unholy House on a Hill Judg 17 When the Lord is not on the throne, spiritual chaos rules. 06/17/2012
01-31-01 The God of Our Inspirations Gen 31:13a God identifies Himself with our responses to His presence. 07/01/2012-mp3
47-05-03 Gambling with God 2 Cor 5:7 Christian Faith is a holy bet on God against all odds in a fallen world. 07/29/2012-mp3
01-01-01 The Two Creations, Part-1 Gen 1:1 The God of creation is the Lord of re-creation. 08/26/2012-mp3
01-01-02 The Two Creations, Part-2 Gen 1:2a God sticks with what He starts, no matter what it looks like. 09/09/2012-mp3
01-01-03 The Two Creations, Part-3 Gen 1:2b The God of order is ready to work with our disorder. 09/16/2012-mp3
01-01-04 The Two Creations, Part-4 Gen 1:3 God's work always begins with the Word of light. 09/23/2012-mp3
19-107-1 Psalm 107-The God of the Desert Psa 107:1-9, 33-43 God can lead us from homeless deserts to heavenly destinies. 10/07/2012-mp3
19-107-2 Psalm 107-The God of the Prison Psa 107:10-16, 43 Only God can free us from the chains of guilt we forge for ourselves. 10/21/2012-mp3
19-107-3 Psalm 107-The God of Melancholy Psa 107:1, 17-22, 43 The mind in tune with God is in tune with life. 11/04/2012-mp3
19-107-4 Psalm 107: The God of the Storm Psa 107:23-32, 43 Faith's testimony becomes clearest in the midst of life's storms. 11/18/2012-mp3
23-59-01 O Come, O Come, Emanuel Isa 59:20 Human longing is turned to joy at the Advent of Emmanuel. 12/02/2012-mp3
42-02-11 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Luke 2:14 Advent is humanity's highest hope that Good will triumph in the end. 12/16/2012-mp3
40-02-02 What Child Is This? Mat 2:1-11 The Christ Child came to change our personal history. 12/30/2012-mp3
58-09-02 Encountering the Healing Savior Luke 5:17-26 Christ turns crippled sinners into walking saints. 01/13/2013-mp3
40-04-01 Christ in the Wilderness Mat 4:1-11 Self-denial is the Christian's testing ground. 01/27/2013-mp3
18-14-01 The Deep Hope of Resurrection Job 14:7-17 The soul's longing cry for an afterlife is a God-given instinct. 04/07/2013-mp3
41-16-02 Two Departures Mark 16:19-20 Christ left for heaven so we could leave to evangelize the world. 05/05/2013-mp3
44-02-06 What Does This Mean? Acts 2:1-6, 12-18 On the Day of Pentecost, God united what sin divided. 05/19/2013-mp3
40-06-02 First Things First Mat 6:33 Many things call for our attention, but we must put first things first. 06/02/2013-mp3
59-01-03 The Father of Lights Jam 1:13-18 Our heavenly Father's provision is from a heart that is PRO-VISION. 06/16/2013-mp3
06-23-01 Living in God's Country Jos 23:6-13 The virtue of patriotism prepares us for loyalty to God's Kingdom. 06/30/2013-mp3
60-03-01 Adorning the Doctrine 1Pet 3:3-5a;Tit.2:9-10 We make the Gospel attractive by clothing our faith with godliness. 07/14/2013-mp3
40-15-01 Faith is the Hunter Mat 15:21-28 Faith pursues God until it captures His Word. 07/28/2013-mp3
44-24-01 God's Gift of Conscience Acts 24:15-16 Spiritual health is kept by maintaining a healthy conscience. 08/11/2013-mp3
37-01-01 Kingdom Building Problems: Disinterest Hag 1:1-15 When God's work is top priority, all other priorities fall into place. 08/25/2013-mp3
37-02-01 K. B. Problems: Discouragement Hag 2:1-9 Mourning a great past can impede moving into a greater future. 09/08/2013-mp3
46-13-01 The Reflection of Glory 1 Cor 13:12 There'll be much more to know, when we see more clearly. 10/05/2013
37-02-02 K. B. Problems: Dissatisfaction Hag 2:10-23 Obedience to God is obligated, but His blessing is given by grace. 10/06/2013-mp3
19-113-1 Praise the Lord Psa 113 The God we exalt is the God Who exalts His people. 10/20/2013-mp3
65-01-01 The Apostle's Creed Jude 1:3 The Creed helps us keep our feet on earth and our hearts in Heaven. 11/17/2013-mp3
01-03-01 The First Promise of Advent Gen 3:15 The coming of Christ spells the devil's defeat and our victory. 12/01/2013-mp3
40-01-01 The Great-Grandmothers of Jesus Mat 1:1-7 The Incarnation's human ancestry reveals the heart of human need. 12/15/2013-mp3
33-05-01 A Birth at Bread-House Mic 5:1-5a God wants what started in Bethlehem to be fulfilled in our hearts. 12/29/2013-mp3
43-02-01 Christ's First Miracle John 2:1-11 An invitation to Jesus is an invitation to transformation. 01/12/2014-mp3
40-09-01 Jesus, Friend of Sinners Mat 9:9-13 The call of the Cross is to care for the lost. 01/26/2014-mp3
40-04-02 Repentance-Faith's Forerunner Mat 4:12-17 Jesus has much to teach us but teaches us very little until we repent. 02/23/2014-mp3
40-04-04 Temptation by Divine Appointment Mat 4:1 If God leads us into trials, He stays with us through them. 03/09/2014-mp3
40-04-05 The Temptation of Self-Direction Mat 4:3-4 We keep our own will under control by staying hungry for God's will. 03/23/2014-mp3
46-15-08 Resurrection: the Human-Friendly Hope 1 Cor 15:20 Christ's bodily resurrection is the promise of our own. - 04/20/2014-mp3 -(2nd Service-mp3)
46-11-03 Until He Comes 1 Cor 11:26 Holy Communion proclaims the whole drama of human salvation. 05/04/2014-mp3
40-09-02 Christ's Heart for the Harvest Mat 9:35-38 Jesus wants to give us His own heart for seeking lost sheep. 05/18/2014-mp3
19-86-01 A WORD from God Psa 86:11 God can use a very small word to teach us how to live. 06/01/2014-mp3
47-03-01 Empowered for Freedom 2 Cor 3:12-18 The Holy Spirit wants to blow your cover. 06/29/2014-mp3
23-06-01 Empowered for Holiness Isa 6:1-8 To serve a holy God, we must be touched by fire from God's altar. 07/13/2014-mp3
50-03-01 Empowered for Worship Phil 3:3 The Holy Spirit lets us in on the Trinity's eternal love affair. 07/27/2014-mp3
45-08-03 Empowered for Prayer Rom 8:26-27 Prayer is so important that God gives us all the help we need to do it. 08/10/2014-mp3
46-11-04 A Closer Look at Holy Communion 1 Cor 11:23-29 A closer look at Communion turns the ritual into a personal reality. 09/07/2014-mp3
42-11-01 Teach Us to Pray Luke 11:1-13 Following Jesus means to follow Him in prayer. 09/21/2014-mp3
42-11-02 No Neutral Ground Luke 11:14-28 There's no neutral zone between darkness and the Kingdom of light. 10/05/2014-mp3
42-05-03 New Wineskins Luke 5:33-39 The changeless Gospel changes its dress to fit the occasion. 11/02/2014-mp3
66-08-01 The Silence of Anticipation Rev 8:1-5 Our undivided attention in worship invites God's personal intervention. 11/16/2014-mp3
23-64-01 SENT: The Coming LORD Isa 64:1-9 Jesus was SENT to claim His crown as King. 11/30/2014-mp3
23-61-01 SENT: The Coming Messenger Isa 61:1-4 Jesus is SENT to proclaim the Kingdom of God. 12/14/2014-mp3
40-02-01 The Gifts of the Magi Mat 2:11 What gift can we bring for the birth of the King? 12/28/2014-mp3
19-51-01 The Heart in Contrition Psa 51:17 The right heart condition is a contrite heart condition. 01/11/2015-mp3
62-01-01 The Heart in Confession 1 John 1:8-10 Confession opens our hearts for divine cleansing. 01/25/2015-mp3
52-01-01 The Heart in Conversion 1 Thes 1:2-10 Conversion of the heart gradually turns the whole life around. 02/08/2015-mp3
39-01-01 Have We Dishonored God's Name? Mal 1:6-11 We honor the Name of God through pure-hearted worship. 02/22/2015-mp3
39-03-01 Have We Degraded God's Grace? Mal 3:13-18 God's judgment is determined by our response to His grace. 03/22/2015-mp3
46-15-02 The Heart of the Gospel 1 Cor 15:1-9 The heart of the Gospel meets the deepest needs of the human heart. 03/22/2015-mp3
45-01-01 The Sharing of the Gospel Rom 1:7-17 The Gospel turns believers into a Good News reporters. 04/19/2015-mp3
46-01-01 The Foolishness of the Gospel 1 Cor 1:17-20 It may seem foolish, but God invested everything in a simple message. 05/03/2015-mp3
46-01-02 The Power of the Gospel 1 Cor 1:18, 21-24 God invests His personal power in transforming sinners into saints. 05/17/2015-mp3
44-01-02 The Empowerment of the Gospel Acts 1:4-8 The proclamation of the Gospel requires the power of the Spirit. 06/14/2015-mp3
45-08-02 True Spiritual Liberty Rom 8:5-6 Living in the Spirit liberates us from bondage to sinful desires. 06/28/2015-mp3
19-23-03 The Table of Restoration Psa 23:5 The Eucharist proclaims the restoration of our human destiny. 07/05/2015-mp3
01-02-04a Preliminary_Thoughts (Fri.,CNF) Gen 2:15 God made us in His image on purpose for us to live with purpose. 07/10/2015-mp3
01-02-04b Caring For the Garden (Sat.,CNF) Gen 2:15 As God's image-bearers, humans are to grow and guard His creation. 07/11/2015-mp3
01-02-05a Caring for the Garden-Part 1 Gen 2:15 Who we are is inseparably interwoven with what we do. 07/26/2015-mp3
01-02-05b Caring for the Garden-Part 2 Gen 2:15 God made us in His image on purpose for us to live with purpose. 08/09/2015-mp3
01-02-05c Caring for the Garden-Part 3 Gen 2:15 As God's image-bearers, humans are to grow and guard His creation. 08/23/2015-mp3
60-01-01 The Saints: Hopeful Sojourners 1 Pet 1:1-5 Our future hope in Christ defines our present sojourn on earth. 09/06/2015-mp3
60-01-02 The Saints: Tested Believers 1 Pet 1:6-12 The glorious joy of our salvation outshines life's darkest trials. 09/13/2015-mp3
60-01-03 The Saints: Holy Children 1 Pet 1:13-17 We progress in holiness as we pursue our holy heritage. 09/27/2015-mp3
60-01-04 The Saints: A Reborn Brotherhood 1 Pet 1:18-2:3 The Gospel is about new birth into an eternal family. 10/04/2015-mp3
60-02-01 The Saints: A Household of Priests 1 Pet 2:4-12 The Body of Christ is a community where each member is a priest. 10/18/2015-mp3
19-116-1 Thanksgiving in Psalm 116 Psalm 116 Gratitude reveals our relationship with God; thanksgiving seals it. 11/01/2015-mp3
19-118-1 Thanksgiving in Psalm 118 Psa 118:19-29 The Christian has great reasons for celebrating Thanksgiving. 11/08/2015-mp3
61-01-03 The Ghost of Christmas Past 2 Pet 1:19 Divine light can retrieve us from being sinfully set in our ways. 11/20/2015-mp3
58-10-06 The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Heb 10:23-29 Tomorrow's destiny is influenced by today's decisions. 12/13/2015-mp3
43-10-04 The Transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge John 10:9-10 God's focus in salvation isn't on trespasses but on transformation. 12/20/2015-mp3
41-01-01 Back to the Future I Mark 1:14-20 The future Kingdom's arrival calls for total allegiance to the King. 01/03/2016-mp3
43-12-01 One Grain of Wheat John 12:24 Christ is our experienced Guide through death and resurrection. 01/04/2016-mp3
41-01-02 Back to the Future II Mark 1:21-28 The arrival of God's future reign begins a spiritual confrontation. 01/10/2016-mp3
41-01-03 Back to the Future III Mark 1:29-38 Christ's Mission sealed a message of hope with a ministry of healing. 01/17/2016-mp3
47-05-04 Reconciliation with God 2 Cor 5:18-21 Because God's nature is love, His salvation plan is relational. 02/07/2016-mp3
41-10-04 Ransom from Death Mark 10:42-45 Christ's death purchased our rescue from the prison house of death. 02/21/2016-mp3
46-02-03 Rescue from Darkness 1 Cor 2:1-8 God's secret wisdom in the Cross destroyed demonic darkness. 03/06/2016-mp3
45-06-02 Removal of the Old Self Rom 6:3-7 For us to have a new life, God had to nail our old one to the Cross. 03/13/2016-mp3
41-16-01 Resurrection from Fear Mark 16:1-7 For the faithful, Easter morning has broken the power of fear. 03/27/2016-mp3
43-20-02 Resurrection from Doubt John 20:24-29 God works with honest doubters who really want to believe. 04/17/2016-mp3
43-21-02 Resurrection from Failure John 21:15-19 Jesus persists in calling us from our failures into greater service. 05/01/2016-mp3
44-02-07 What Does This Mean? Acts 2:1-13 Pentecost meant that Jesus hadn't finished His work on earth. 05/15/2016-mp3
44-02-08 Listen to This! Acts 2:22-36 Spiritual comprehension often requires Holy Spirit confrontation. 05/29/2016-mp3
44-02-09 Everyone Was Filled with Awe Acts 2:42-47 The church will grow in numbers as believers grow in the Spirit. 06/12/2016-mp3
19-045-1 Why I Write Poetry Psa 45:1 My heart overflowed with a good theme, and I began to write. 06/20/2016-mp3
44-03-02 Cripples Begging at Beautiful Gates Acts 3:1-10 Jesus is still making straight what's been bent out of shape. 06/26/2016-mp3
44-03-03 Times of Refreshing Acts 3:11-21 Jesus is still proclaiming His identity through the ministry of healing. 07/17/2016-mp3
44-04-02 Opposing Opposition Acts 4:8-20 We must meet unbelief's resistance with Gospel faith's persistence. 07/31/2016-mp3
44-04-03 Corporate Prayer's Power Acts 4:23-31 Powerful things happen when believers pray powerful prayers. 08/28/2016-mp3
45-08-07 All Things Work Together for Good Rom 8:18-28 Christian believers have reasons for great expectations. 09/02/2016-mp3
44-05-01 The New Life's Full Message Acts 5:12-42 Jesus is the truth Who leads the way to a new life in our fallen world. 09/04/2016-mp3
44-06-02 Jesus Works Outside the Box Acts 6:1-10 Jesus is not bound by the boundaries we set for His ministry. 09/25/2016-mp3
44-07-01 The Witness Stand Acts 7:51-60 To take the witness stand for truth is to stand against falsehood. 10/23/2016-mp3
19-133-1 Making Christian Unity a Reality Psa 133 The world's thirst for peace is quenched at Christ's well of unity. 11/06/2016-mp3
44-08-03 The Scattered Flock Acts 8:1-8 When Jesus moves our location, He plans to use the move. 11/13/2016-mp3
19-092-1 Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Psa 92:1 There are many happy returns from thanksgiving. 11/20/2016-mp3
23-40-01 Boldly Expecting His Coming Isa 40:1-11 Advent season boldly announces our hope in Christ's coming. 11/27/2016-mp3
40-02-03 The Wise Men and the Fool Mat 2:1-12 Our faith-response to Christ identifies us as either wise or foolish. 12/04/2016-mp3
46-15-05 Resurrection Hope 1 Cor 15:45-49 Resurrection is God's decree that humanity has an eternal destiny. 12/17/2016-mp3
48-04-01 The Fullness of Christmastime Gal 4:4-5 The Christ of Christmas fulfills the universal longings of humanity. 12/17/2016-mp3
18-29-01 Remembering Blessings Job 29 Recalling past blessings with praise inspires faith in God for the future. 01/08/2017-mp3
42-02-02 The Trouble with Jesus Luke 2:41-52 As we grow, we may lose the Jesus we know, only to know Him better. 01/22/2017-mp3
58-13-05 The Sacrifice of Sharing (1st Service) Heb 13:15-16 Jesus delights in times of worship where believers share their hearts. 02/05/2017-mp3
58-13-05b The Sacrifice of Sharing (2nd Service) Heb 13:15-16 If Jesus lives in our hearts, He also wants to live on our lips. 02/05/2017-mp3
40-03-04 The Epiphany of Christ's Baptism Mat 3:13-17 To help us live out our divine destiny, God reminds us who we are. 02/19/2017-mp3
40-04-06 Christ's Answer to the 1st Temptation Mat 4:3-4 We live out our true humanity by depending on life's true Source. 03/05/2017-mp3
40-04-07 Christ's 3rd Temptation Mat 4:8-9 Temptations remind us to keep our focus on what's really important. 03/26/2017-mp3
42-23-04 Trading Preservation for Immortality Luke 23:50-24:8 Instead of just lasting a little longer, God wants us to last forever. 04/16/2017-mp3
43-21-01 Let's Go Fishing John 21:1-14 Because Jesus is risen, we can never go back to business as usual. 04/30/2017-mp3
62-01-02 Personal Epiphanies of Christ John 1:1-2 We can't witness for Christ without experiencing Him personally. 05/07/2017-mp3
62-01-02 The Christian Soldier 2 Tim 2:3 Grip your sword, Christian soldier: you're in the army now! 05/28/2017-mp3
44-01-04 The Global Imperative Acts 1:8 God empowers the Church for outreach that is beyond ourselves. 06/11/2017-mp3
44-02-05 The Heavenly Dove on Earth Acts 2:14-18 The Holy Spirit in us makes Christ's Incarnation an ongoing reality. 06/25/2017-mp3
44-08-04 Controlling or Controlled? Acts 8:9-25 True conversion surrenders a controlling heart to God's control. 07/09/2017-mp3
44-08-01 Principles of Sharing the Gospel Acts 8:26-35 Jesus calls us to help people find the One they are truly seeking. 07/23/2017-mp3
44-09-01 The Conversion of Saul Acts 9:1-22 Encountering God transforms our attitudes and our activities. 08/06/2017-mp3
44-09-02 The Prospects of Peace Acts 9:31 God arranges times of peace so we can be free to grow and serve. 08/27/2017-mp3
44-10-01 The Inclusive Nature of the Gospel Acts 10:25-43 Jesus cares about all lost sheep and sends us to bring them home. 09/10/2017-mp3
44-11-01 A Christlike Church Acts 11:19-30 Jesus wants the Church He is building to look like Him. 09/24/2017-mp3
44-12-01 Hesitations of Belief Acts 12:1-19 God often overrules unbelief with divine intervention. 10/15/2017-mp3
44-13-02 Three Stories of Blindness Acts 13:1-12 The Holy Spirit reveals divine truth, regardless of our response to it. 11/05/2017-mp3
42-01-06 Two Miraculous Conversions Luke 1:26-45 We were each born on purpose to be reborn with a higher purpose. 11/19/2017-mp3
23-09-04 Jesus: the Mighty God Isa 9:6 Jesus is the mighty Conqueror against the ongoing enemies we face. 12/10/2017-mp3
23-09-05 Jesus: the Prince of Peace Isa 9:6 The peace brought by the Christ Child touches every aspect of life. 12/24/2017-mp3
40-08-01 What Kind of Man Is This? Mat 8:23-27 Jesus is more concerned about little faith than about big storms. 01/14/2018-mp3
47-04-02 The Ultimate Epiphany 2 Cor 4:1-10 God wants the glory of His Son to shine out of our lives. 01/28/2018-mp3
66-03-02 Exploring the Depths of Repentance Rev 3:14-22 Each element of repentance is an ongoing part of the Christian life. 02/11/2018-mp3
43-16-03 The Comforter's Conviction John 16:12-14 The Spirit convicts us to change our wrong attitudes to right ones. 02/25/2018-mp3
50-03-04 Commitment to Communion Phil 3:8-16 Ongoing repentance moves us ever closer to the holy life of Christ. 03/25/2018-mp3
66-02-01 The Eternal Memorial (S.B.'s Graveside) Rev 2:17 The intent of tombstones are fulfilled only by heavenly memorials. 04/03/2018-mp3
51-01-02 Christ Central and Supreme Col 1:15-20 God's Supreme investment in Christ calls us to the same investment. 04/15/2018-mp3
42-01-02 The Discipleship of Mary Luke 1:38 The true disciple is a person who puts God first. 05/13/2018-mp3
44-14-01 The Danger of Crowds Acts 14:8-20 People lose themselves in crowds but find their true selves in Christ. 06/10/2018-mp3
46-06-02 Jesus Living As You 1 Cor 6:17 Jesus unites with us so that we can live out our true identity in Him. 06/18/2018-mp3
44-14-01 Embracing Christian Conflicts Acts 15:1-6, 36-41 Jesus uses a variety of plans and people to build His Church. 07/08/2018-mp3
44-16-01 Empowered for Guidance Acts 16:6-15 The right direction is always the one in which God is leading. 07/15/2018-mp3
12-06-01 Open Our Eyes to See 2 Kings 6:15-23 Prayer can open eyes of earthly blindness with heavenly vision. 04/03/2018-mp3
44-16-02 Jesus is Still Releasing People Acts 16:25-34 A loving Godís prescription for human bondage is liberation. 08/19/2018-mp3
44-17-01 Proclaiming the Unknown God Acts 17:16-23 The Good News of Christ surpasses the best ideas humans can invent. 08/26/2018-mp3
44-17-02 Godís Ultimatum in Christ Acts 17:24-31 God intends for Jesus and His resurrection to change everyoneís mind. 09/02/2018-mp3
44-18-01 Sources of Encouragement Acts 18:1-11 Jesus knows our human need of encouragement and how to meet it. 09/30/2018-mp3
44-19-01 Baptism in Jesus Acts 19:1-7 Success in Christian discipleship comes by immersion in Christ. 10/21/2018-mp3
43-02-02 Cleansing God's Temple John 2:13-222 Christ's ongoing goal is the purify His people. 11/04/2018-mp3
46-13-04 Confronting the Inner Child 1 Cor 13:11 For childlike spiritual growth, our childish ways must be confronted. 11/11/2018-mp3
46-13-05 Understanding the Inner Child 1 Cor 13:11 When we face our childishness, God helps us embrace childlikeness. 11/25/2018-mp3
42-02-12 Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus Luke 2:25-32 Only the coming King will bring the hopes our Advent carols sing. 12/02/2018-mp3
42-02-13 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Luke 2:10-14 Christ brings peace on earth only to those who put God first. 12/09/2018-mp3
59-04-01 Where Did Time Go? James 4:13-16 The best use of time is trusting the Time-Keeper. 12/30/2018-mp3
42-02-05 Faith in the Hidden Work of God Luke 2:39-40, 51-52 Faith in an unseen God includes trusting in His hidden work in us. 01/06/2019-mp3
42-02-05 Our Response to Epiphany Prov 9:1-12 Our response to wisdom's invitation determines our destiny. 01/13/2019-mp3
45-05-01 Divine Glory Through Divine Love Rom 5:1-5 After faith restores lost peace with God, love restores His lost glory. 01/27/2019-mp3
46-13-06 A Tongue Guided by Love 1 Cor 13:1 When love controls us, our words will not be hollow but wholesome. 02/03/2019-mp3
46-13-07 The Dead-Ends of Success 1 Cor 13:2 High levels of achievement are low assets without love. 02/10/2019-mp3
46-13-08 No-Gain Sacrifices 1 Cor 13:3 No labors inspired by pain bring the gain that labors of love attain. 02/24/2019-mp3
42-23-01 Last Word #1-Forgiveness Luke 23:34 On the Cross, Jesus both purchased forgiveness and proclaimed it. 03/03/2019-mp3
43-19-01 Last Word #3-Relationships John 19:25-27 Our relationship to the Cross sets all other relationships in order. 03/24/2019-mp3
43-19-02 Last Word #5-Suffering John 19:28 Christ's thirst on the Cross was a fountain to quench human thirsting. 03/31/2019-mp3
42-23-03 Last Word #7-Surrender Luke 23:46 A life totally surrendered to God is the only one worth living.   (3/24/13) 04/14/2019-mp3
42-24-04 Easter Morning Discoveries Luke 24:1-6a Hope beckons to a dying race from the door of Christ's empty tomb. 04/21/2019-mp3
02-03-02 Talking Back to God Exod 3:10-4:11 God faithfully counters our arguments to get us to do His will. 04/28/2019-mp3
46-13-09 Practicing the Presence of Love 1 Cor 13:4 Practicing God's presence replaces the presence of past immaturity. 05/05/2019-mp3
46-13-10 Practicing the Peace of Love 1 Cor 13:5 Love creates an environment where peace can thrive. 05/12/2019-mp3
46-13-11 Practicing the Perspective of Love 1 Cor 13:6 Spiritual maturity depends on practicing Love's perspective. 05/19/2019-mp3
46-13-12 Practicing the Power of Love 1 Cor 13:7 When trouble comes along, love stands firm and strong. 06/02/2019-mp3
46-13-13 Love Is Faithís Ultimate Destiny 1 Cor 13:8-13 Jesus gave Himself to us so that His love can flow from us. 06/16/2019-mp3
44-01-06 Christ's Post-Resurrection Agenda Acts 1:3 Jesus always meets our needs for the journey ahead. 07/07/2019-mp3
44-01-05 Why Must We Wait? Acts 1:3-8 God wants the best for us, but He often requires us to wait for it. 07/14/2019-mp3
44-01-05 Our Deposit in the Bank of Heaven Acts 1:9-12 Our faith in Jesus Christ gives us Heaven's authority on Earth. 07/28/2019-mp3
44-19-02 Undoing Life's Undoing Acts 19:11-20 By grace and truth, Christ unravels the realm of darkness. 08/04/2019-mp3
44-20-01 The Gospel Burden Acts 20:7-19 Christians are called to carry and deliver a "weighty" message. 08/18/2019-mp3
44-20-02 Exemplifying Gospel Faith Acts 20:25-35 The Gospel calls us back home to our true identity as servants. 08/25/2019-mp3
09-01-01 Hannah's Hope 1 Sam 1:1-20 Hope's most powerful posture is on its knees. 09/08/2019-mp3
19-065-1 Our Providing God Psalm 65 We enjoy praising God, and He enjoys providing for us. 09/15/2019-mp3
02-13-01 The Pillar of Cloud and Fire Exodus 13:21-22 A God of mystery enlightens the mysterious path of His people. 09/22/2019-mp3
43-01-01 Becoming a Christ-Follower John 1:35-42 We find our true purpose only by finding and following the Truth. 10/06/2019-mp3
21-09-01 Coincidences Unmasked Eccl 9:11 Human reasoning often hides God's miracles beneath coincidences. 10/20/2019-mp3
51-01-03 The People of the Kingdom Col 1:12-14 Christians are a different kind of people from a different Kingdom. 10/27/2019-mp3
58-02-01 The Battleground of the Incarnation Heb 2:14-15 Jesus took on human life to defeat the power of human death. 11/17/2019-mp3
58-02-01 A Human-Friendly Hope 1 Thes 4:13-18 Christ's return makes Heaven a down-to-earth human experience. 12/01/2019-mp3
42-02-01 Brand-New Babies Luke 2:6-18 God has two brand-new babies He wants us to take care of. 12/29/2019-mp3
61-01-02 Epiphany: the Unveiling 2 Pet 1:16-19 Personal epiphanies of Christ can turn us into His bold witnesses. 01/19/2020-mp3
48-02-02 Christ's Epiphany in You Gal 2:20 God wants His glory to shine out from us through Christ. 02/09/2020-mp3
51-03-03 Baptized into Heavenly Thinking Col 3:1-4 Heavenly thinking makes Kingdom living a present reality. 02/16/2020-mp3
19-124-1 Our Trust in the Creator Psa 124:8 "I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth." 02/23/2020-mp3
44-03-01 Our Trust in Christ's Victory Acts 3:11-16 The sufferings of Christ brought our victory in Christ.   (2/17/2008) 03/08/2020-mp3
42-02-14 The Needy Newborn Christ Luke 2:4-7 We learn from Jesus the dependent trust He Himself learned. 12/20/2020-mp3
20-16-01 Seeking New Year Guidance Proverbs 16:9 Seeking God's will can short-circuit disappointing expectations. 12/27/2020-mp3
56-02-02 Embracing God's Epiphany Titus 2:11 How we respond to divine epiphanies is a choice of the will. 01/10/2021-mp3
23-50-01 The Jesus Pattern Isa 50:4-6 Christian are called to follow the pattern of Christ's own earthly life. 01/24/2021-mp3
19-027-1 Making God's Beauty our Home Psa 27:4 To enjoy a life full of God's beauty, our eyes must focus on Jesus. 02/14/2021-mp3
05-04-01 Living Life in God's Word Deut 6:6-7 God wants our lives filled up with and lived out in His Word. 02/28/2021-mp3
24-09-01 The Best Way to Boast Jer 9:23-24 Only connecting with God brings solid confidence and safety. 03/21/2021-mp3
42-24-05b Stones That God Rolls Away (short) Luke 24:2 God can turn life's hard things into memorials of His saving grace. 04/04/2021-mp3
19-077-1b Christian Meditation (short) Psa 77:11-13 Meditation on God's Word will change us from the inside out. 04/25/2021-mp3
19-051-2 The Blessings of Brokenness Psa 51:17 Brokenness can become fertile ground for spiritual renewal. 05/02/2021-mp3
43-16-02 Our Trust in the 3rd Person of the Trinity John 16:7-14 Following Jesus requires the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. 05/16/2021-mp3
49-04-02 Our Trust in the Church Eph 4:1-6 The Church of the Creed is the Church Christians need. 05/30/2021-mp3
41-11-01 Our Trust in the Forgiveness of Sins Mark 11:25 Jesus turns His forgiveness of us into our forgiveness of others. 05/30/2021-mp3
43-05-01 Do You Want to Get Well? (given at CFO) John 5:6 God desires our wholeness, starting with our minds. 06/15/2021-mp3
47-03-02b The Spirit of Freedom 2 Cor 3:17-18 Freedom is the Holy Spirit's guideline for our spiritual transformation. 07/04/2021-mp3
45-08-05b Our Trust in Divine Hope for Human Destiny Rom 8:22-25 Our Gospel hope is God's promise of complete restoration. 07/11/2021-mp3
44-21-01 Danger vs. Devotion Acts 21:4,8-14 Obedient devotion to Christ overcomes what opposes it. 07/25/2021-mp3
44-22-01 The Testimony of Our Witness Acts 22:12-22 Witnessing is telling others what we experience from Jesus. 08/08/2021-mp3
44-23-01 Christ's Encouraging Presence Acts 23:10-12 Jesus will never forsake His servants. 08/22/2021-mp3
41-01-07 The Beginning of Kingdom Rule Mark 1:14-28 The King's arrival changes both personal and global history. 09/05/2021-mp3
41-06-02 The Mission of Kingdom Expansion Mark 6:7-13 Jesus gives us His authority for expanding His Kingdom. 09/19/2021-mp3
41-07-01 The Target of Kingdom Change Mark 7:14-23 The King's reign inside produces Kingdom living on the outside. 10/03/2021-mp3
59-04-03 In the Mist of Life (Peg's Memorial) James 4:13-17 With God in charge of our lives, we can handle the surprises. 10/17/2021-mp3
41-09-01 The Kingdom Glory of the King Mark 9:2-10 Remember your mountaintop visions of Jesus in life's dark valleys. 10/24/2021-mp3
41-10-05 The Culture of God's Kingdom Mark 10:35-45 Jesus entered fallen human culture not to affirm it but to transform it. 11/07/2021-mp3
41-14-01 Eucharistic Kingdom Faith Mark 14:22-25 Kingdom faith faces earthly suffering with thanksgiving. 11/21/2021-mp3
42-01-07 Zechariah - Serving While Waiting Luke 1:5-17 The Lord's Advent should find us waiting for Him by serving Him. 11/28/2021-mp3
40-02-04 Herod - Trials and Tragedies at Christmas Matthew 2:13-23 Christmas brings to a sorrowing world the presence of divine hope. 12/12/2021-mp3
61-03-01 A New Year Outlook 2 Peter 3:9-14 This world's future destiny is a wake-up call for present holy living. 01/09/2022-mp3
43-01-04 Epiphanies of Christ-Part 1 & 2 John 1:14 God loves epiphanies, because He loves to reveal His glory.  01/16/2022- 01/23/2022-mp3
27-10-01 Joining the Prayer Force Daniel 10:11-21 Persistent prayer is a powerful force in spiritual warfare. 01/30/2022-mp3
43-05-01b Do You Want to Get Well? (given at VCC) John 5:6 God desires our wholeness, starting with our minds. 02/06/2022-mp3
18-03-01 "I Wonder If It's a Life!" Job 3:20-26 Human hope must be fed with divine truth. 02/13/2022-mp3
07-06-01 The Call of Gideon Judges 6:11-16 Our weakness can be a vessel for God's glory. 02/20/2022-mp3
07-06-02 Gideon's First Assignment Judges 6:17-27 We may seek divine signs, but God gives divine assignments. 02/27/2022-mp3
07-06-03 Gideon's Need for Assurance Judges 6:33-40 God's deference to our doubts only doubles our debt to trust Him. 03/06/2022-mp3
07-07-01 The Trial of Gideon's Trust Judges 7:2-15 In spiritual warfare, our stance must be one of complete trust in God. 03/13/2022-mp3
07-07-02 The Secret of Gideon's Victory Judges 7:16-22a When God is with us, our obedience brings Satan's defeat. 03/20/2022-mp3
43-01-02 Following our Enculturated Savior John 1:14a Christ's Incarnation makes cross-cultural outreach our mandate. 03/27/2022-mp3
43-01-03 The Glory of Our King John 1:14b Christ's divine glory corrects all false opinions about God. 04/03/2022-mp3
42-19-01 Who Is This King of Glory? Luke 19:37-44 Jesus is the King whose heart is broken over those whose heart is not. 04/10/2022-mp3
43-19-01 Where Have You Laid Him? Jn 19:38-42; 20:1-13 Where Jesus is laid destinies are made. 04/24/2022-mp3
43-03-01 Religious Distractions from Jesus John 3:22-30 Our central focus is to be on Jesus, not on religious peripherals. 05/15/2022-mp3
44-24-02 Conviction vs. Convenience Acts 24:22-27 When the Holy Spirit brings conviction, He often uses those He fills. 05/29/2022-mp3
44-26-01 Christ's Heart in Paul's Voice Acts 26:14-29 Christ indwells us to make His message incarnationally our message. 06/12/2022-mp3
44-27-01 Storm-Swept But Safely Kept Acts 27:20-44 Jesus will keep us on earth until our mission here is complete. 06/26/2022-mp3
44-28-01 Act Supernaturally Acts 28:1-10 Living supernaturally in Christ is living the normal Christian life. 07/10/2022-mp3
44-28-02 Paul in Rome, Us at Home Acts 28:23-31 As Jesus came to speak for His Father, we're here to speak for Jesus. 07/17/2022-mp3
45-12-01 Presenting Self for Deep-Mind Renewal Rom 12:1-2 (NKJV-CSB) God's healing of the inner self requires a conscious self-presentation. 07/25/2022-mp3
43-03-02 Seeking the Unexpected John 3:1-12 Jesus offers us not comfortable stability but a transforming adventure. 10/07/2018-mp3
43-05-02 How to Be Like Jesus John 5:19-30 Jesus calls us to follow Him the way He followed the Father. 08/14/2022-mp3
43-07-02 An Amazing Promise from Jesus John 7:16-18 A sincere willingness to obey God opens the heart to Gospel truth. 08/28/2022-mp3
43-08-01 Pharisees Caught Red-handed John 8:2-11 Jesus uses conviction, not condemnation, to change peopleís hearts. 09/11/2022-mp3
43-08-02 Precious Pearls from Jesus Jn 8:12,31-32,51,58 Jesus is the treasure worth the surrender of all we are and have. 09/18/2022-mp3
43-11-02 The Grief of the God-Man John 11:32-45 Our human grief is overshadowed by the response of God's grief. 10/09/2022-mp3
43-17-04 The Church's Trinitarian Witness John 17:20-26 The Church was born to reflect God's Triune nature to the world. 11/06/2022-mp3
43-21-03 Jesus Is Our Best Psychotherapist John 21:3-22 Jesus turns remembered failures into restored fruitfulness. 11/20/2022-mp3
46-13-02 To Know as We Are Known-Fred G's mem. 1 Cor 13:12 Focusing only on the present leaves us unprepared for eternity. 11/20/2022-mp3
42-02-11b I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Luke 2:14 Advent is humanity's highest hope that Good will triumph in the end. 12/11/2022-mp3
42-02-15 Hark the Herald Angels Sing Luke 2:8-14 (NKJV) It's astounding to contemplate the marvels of the Christ Child! 12/25/2022-mp3
42-05-02b Something Old, Something New Luke 5:31-39 The Bridegroom's presence creates a new beginning. 01/01/2023-mp3
51-01-04 The Jesus on the Inside Col 1:24-29 We are to live out a manifestation of the Christ living within. 01/15/2023-mp3
19-30-02 Tapping into Joy Psalm 30 Our earthly trials are temporary, but our joy lasts forever. 01/29/2023-mp3
14-07-01 Praying as Dual Citizens 2 Chron 7:13-14 For our nation's healing, we must confess national and personal sins. 02/12/2023-mp3
40-05-14 The First Two Beatitudes Mat 5:1-4 True blessedness is taught by Jesus and caught from Jesus. 02/26/2023-mp3
40-05-15 The 5th & 6th Beatitudes Mat 5:7-8 The Christian's secret of a happy life is the joy of abiding in Christ. 03/12/2023-mp3
40-05-16 The Culminating Beatitude Mat 5:11-12 Suffering in Christ's footsteps is the saint's special blessing. 03/26/2023-mp3
51-01-04 A Holiday Takes Death 1 Cor 15:54-57 Easter is the holiday that takes the sting out of death. 04/09/2023-mp3
18-42-01 The Wounded Healer Job 42:7-12a We are called to serve others in the midst of our own brokenness. 04/30/2023-mp3
40-15-01b Faith is the Hunter Mat 15:21-28 Faith pursues God until it captures His Word. 05/21/2023-mp3
49-06-01 Duties, Debts and Deliverance Eph 6:1-9 Relationships need Christ's help, but failure in them needs His healing. 06/18/2023-mp3
42-22-01 The Best Prayer Luke 22:39-46 The best prayer we can pray is for God's Kingdom will to be done. 07/23/2023-mp3

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