Pulpit & Pastoral Resources --- Christian Study & Theology

Wesleyan-Holiness Sites --- Other Christian Sites

Pulpit & Pastoral Resources

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Free Christian books you can download)
E-SWORD (Free digital study Bible)
Study Light (Resources for Bible Study)
Bible Gateway (Online Bible with many translations)

Christian Study & Theology

TruthXchange (Led by Dr. Peter Jones, this site offers video, audio, and written material critiquing a wide variety of modern ideologies from the perspective of orthodox Trinitarian Christian thinking. It provide material urgently needed by faithful Christian leaders today.)
Worldview Academy (Get young people to attend one of these seminars in the summer... establish and defend the Christian worldview!)
Theology Degree Online (A resource for locale-bound believers who see their need to study Christian doctrine in order to engage contemporary life and confront the relativistic ideas and values of modern society with theological truth. [Disclaimer: use discernment in choosing from these institutional resources, for some may fall short of fulfilling that stated ideal.])
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (Wealth of theological and apologetic material)
Reasons to Believe (A ministry devoted to integrating science and faith and to demonstrating how the latest science affirms faith in the God of the Bible.)

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Wesleyan-Holiness Sites

The Wesleyan Church [started 1843] (A great denomination! The church in which I am ordained)
Holiness Data Ministry (Inexpensive source of Methodist-Holiness books on CDROM)
Wesley Center for Applied Theology (Great resource for Wesleyan-Arminian studies)

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Other Christian Sites

ChristianityToday (Links to several online resources and Bible tools)
CrossWalk (A large site of Christian resources)
Camps Farthest Out (Family Camps and Retreat emphasizing prayer, healing and spirituality)
The Cyber Hymnal (A place to locate words and tunes to almost all old hymns)

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