3 PDF-File Resources for CFO Campers
Beyond the Limited Booktable Provided at Camp

(Unfamiliar with CFO? Visit the North American CFO website.)

Also, visit THE CFO CLASSICS LIBRARY to hear or download
MP3 files of talks from earlier CFO speakers.)
  1. CLICK HERE to see a PDF file listing some available e-books and e-booklets by Glenn Clark and a few past CFO leaders. These can be downloaded from a shared drive folder at the link provided.

  2. CLICK HERE for a two-page listing of authors whose books have frequented CFO booktables over the years. You can borrow them for a 2-week period after signing up for free at OPEN LIBRARY. The online Open Library reader can also read the books aloud to you, or you can download them to an Adobe Digital Additions app.

  3. CLICK HERE for an expanded OPEN LIBRARY listing that includes many Christian authors unconnected with CFO book tables. This list keeps growing as I add other Christian authors whom I discover on OPEN LIBRARY. But if you can't find an author's title, read the following suggestion about using public libraries.

Many PUBLIC LIBRARIES now have websites allowing you to borrow e-books and audiobooks with Hoopla or OverDrive by using your library card. Ask if your local library uses these online services. If not, contact a public library in a larger city near you that does, then apply for a library card and log on to their website.

ALSO many libraries in California use the LINK+ system, allowing you to borrow unavailable printed books from other connected libraries by sending them to yours for you to pick up.