3 PDF-File Resources for CFO Campers
Beyond the Limited Booktable Provided at Camp

(Unfamiliar with CFO? Visit the North American CFO website.)

  1. CLICK HERE to see a PDF file listing some available e-books and e-booklets by Glenn Clark and a few past CFO leaders. These can be downloaded from a shared drive folder at the link provided.

  2. CLICK HERE for a two-page listing of authors whose books have frequented CFO booktables over the years. For a 2-week period, they can be freely borrowed from OPEN LIBRARY (openlibrary.org) and are best read on the Adobe Digital Editions app, which allows bookmarking and gives warns when books are due to return.

  3. CLICK HERE for an expansion of the above, but this one-page listing adds several more available Christian authors whose e-books can also be borrowed from OPEN LIBRARY. (These author links show only the e-books available, but at the top of the OPEN LIBRARY author page is a small menu line for selecting "Everything" rather than just "Ebooks." This shows unavailable titles that you might want to look for through your public library, as explained below.)

ALSO, many PUBLIC LIBRARIES now have online services and provide e-books. If you have a library card, you can also borrow both e-books and audio-books through much larger services such as Hoopla and OverDrive. Each service has its own app for downloading what you borrow. Call your local public library to see if they are connected to these services. Also, ask if your library is LINK'd to other local libraries to borrow actual printed books. You might be surprised at what you can find by a search on your library's website.