Our society has habits and hang-ups that undermine sexual purity and sabotage faithfulness in marriage. The "dance of the sexes" is my description of the routine, close contact we have with the opposite sex everyday, as a part of normal life. On life's social dance floor, we must learn the right dance step and keep using it before and after marriage, if we want to enjoy a lasting commitment. The talk deals with several areas:

  • The divine goodness and blessing of the human sexual relationship.
  • The wholesome dignity and decency of male and female distinctions.
  • The nature of the dance of the sexes and how long it lasts.
  • How "lust" on the dance floor is the problem of both guys and girls.
  • The beauty and danger of sexual attraction, and why it is not love.
  • The divine reality of your future mate, and how present loyalty liberates you.
  • The bad habits and needless hurts in the "going-steady-breaking-up" cycle.
  • How to get a clean heart, fresh start and healed soul for the future.